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I Am Kind: Songs for Unique Kids | New!

I Am Kind - album cover
  1. I Am Kind
  2. Little Red Caboose
  3. I Can Try New Things
  4. The More We Get Together
  5. This Little Light
  6. De Colores
  7. Something Good
  8. Waiting Nicely
  9. Peace Like A River
  10. Ask For Help
  11. Ok To Make Mistakes
  12. Frère Jacques
  13. Bluebird Bluebird
  14. Every One Of Us Belongs
  15. Problem Solvers
  16. I Can Dream

I Am Kind: Songs for Unique Kids — the first album for mother and singer/songwriter Lindsay Munroe, with special guest Raffi who sings and plays on several songs.

As the mother of three young children on the autism spectrum, Lindsay saw a need for songs that could support and uplift unique kids, and has created an album that is both endearing and noteworthy.

Lindsay has a lovely and engaging voice, and her music both inspires and delights. This is an important recording for neurodiverse kids and their families, and for educators who embrace inclusion in their classrooms. Its positive songs will also appeal to those working to promote self-regulation and kindness.

This album echoes several Child Honouring principles, including Respectful Love, Diversity, Caring Community and Emotional Intelligence.

I Am Kind is a collection of positive, endearing songs that kids, parents and teachers will love. I’m delighted to join Lindsay on this unique album.” — Raffi

Available digitally and on CD.

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