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Everything Grows
New! Everything Grows

From children to animals, from leaves on a tree to fish in the sea, everything grows. Raffi’s popular and catchy song encourages kids to take in the world around them and appreciate the way everything is growing together.

Available in board book edition.

Rise and Shine
New! Rise and Shine

All through the forest, animals are waking up and venturing out to find their friends and start their days. Raffi’s song is a wonderful wake-up call that encourages kids to greet the world around them.

Available in board book edition.

Songs To Read Collection
Songs to Read Collection

Your favourite Raffi songs and stories are now together in a lovely boxed set of board books — featuring Down by the Bay, Baby Beluga, and Wheels on the Bus, complete with beautifully updated illustrations.

If You're Happy and You Know It (book cover)
If You’re Happy and You Know It

Children everywhere love to sing and clap along with this classic song, and now Raffi’s version has been brought to life by Cyd Moore’s energetic artwork. The song becomes a delightful story about a surprise party where all the animals work together to do something nice for someone else.

Available in board book edition.

Five Little Ducks (book cover)
Five Little Ducks

“Vivid pictures tell the tale of a mother duck who loses her ducklings, one by one. A happy ending is assured when they return with ducklings of their own… The title is well done, giving a visual dimension to a popular children’s song, and will be successful for story times and general library use.” School Library Journal

Available in paper and board book editions.

Wheels on the Bus (book cover)
Wheels on the Bus

“With a jovial bus driver as host, readers have quite a ride ahead of them as the bus bounces through what appears to be a French town. In her first book the artist humorously injects the familiar song with cheerful new life.” —Horn Book.

Available in paper and board book editions.

Baby Beluga (book cover)
Baby Beluga

Raffi’s signature song, with Ashley Wolff’s sparkling illustrations. Baby Beluga is one of the most endearing animal characters in all the world of children’s song.

Available in paper and board book editions.

Down by the Bay (book cover)
Down by the Bay

A classic silly song that toddlers know and love, Down by the Bay is one of the best-selling Raffi Songs to Read. Irresistible art by Nadine Bernard Westcott depicts wonderfully amusing creatures such as a bear combing his hair, a goose kissing a moose, and a whale with a polka-dot tail.

Available in paper and board book editions.

Shake My Sillies Out (book cover)
Shake My Sillies Out

“Rollicking pictures of a moonlit night in the woods of Camp Mariposa, where both animals and campers are struck by the urge to shake, clap, jump, waggle, and eventually yawn. Melody line and chords are provided at the end.” —Language Arts

Available in paperback edition.

Spider on the Floor (book cover)
Spider on the Floor

A perfectly silly song about a busy spider who climbs up an old woman, and along the way, manages to ensnare lots of critters in its web – including a family dog, a snake, an alligator, a skunk, an octopus, an elephant, a moose, and even a dinosaur! Whew!

Available in paper and board book editions.

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Baby Beluga