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The Baby Beluga Game

The Baby Beluga Game - Raffi

The Baby Beluga Cooperative Game is based on the idea that it’s fun to play together rather than against each other. No one is eliminated from the game and players win or lose together. Along with being fun, the game helps children experience the joys of cooperation.

The game is set in a beautiful Arctic environment, where Baby Beluga swims “wild and free”. It features detailed paintings by Ashley Wolff, illustrator of the classic Baby Beluga book. Children will learn about the beluga’s habitat as they get to know the game’s characters—including a dolphin, blue whale, harp seal, and salmon.

For children, parents, teachers, and friends who are interested in animals and nature. There are three levels of play for kids of different ages.

Includes a free download of Raffi’s song!

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Baby Beluga