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Evergreen Everblue

  • Raffi’s ecology album.
  • Award-winning songs, especially popular with students and teachers.
  • A celebration of our power to preserve the Earth for all generations.

A tool for Sustainability Education

More and more parents and educators want to help young people learn about and deal with issues of sustainability, in positive ways that inspire them to respond. Evergreen Everblue is an environmental education tool with the power of Raffi’s music. A musical call to action and commitment for all of us old enough to make a difference.

Evergreen Everblue
  1. Evergreen Everblue
  2. Mama’s Kitchen
  3. Big Beautiful Planet
  4. Alive And Dreaming
  5. Where I Live
  6. What’s The Matter With Us
  7. Our Dear, Dear Mother
  8. Just Like The Sun
  9. Clean Rain Listen
  10. One Light, One Sun
  11. We Are Not Alone
  12. SustainABILITY
  13. COOL IT
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