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Take A Breath

The Self-Reg Song

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Reviews Today’s Parent Review

“Self regulation is the awareness of anxiety and our ability to regain a calm centre. Since anxiety constrains intelligence, it’s important for young and old to learn simple self-reg ways to regain balance. I wrote “Take A Breath” to inspire a self-reg response in all who hear it.” ~ Raffi

Take A Breath at School

Take A Breath (The Self-Reg Song) is both tuneful and calming, and provides simple ways, such as breathing slowly in and out, to feel better when feelings are beginning to overwhelm. Teachers and parents alike will find it helpful when children experience stress.

Dr. Stuart Shanker is a self-reg expert, Raffi’s colleague and member of his Child Honouring advisory council. He leads The MEHRIT Centre, an organization working with early childhood programs, schools, and communities across Canada and beyond to ground living and learning in self-regulation.

“Self-Reg is the ability to deal effectively with stress in all the many forms a child encounters – physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and prosocial – then recover from the energy expenditure involved and restore the energy expended. Raffi’s song will certainly help.” – “In the Shanker household, self-regulation meant listening to Raffi: and not just for the children!”

Dr. Stuart Shanker
Twitter: @StuartShanker
Facebook: Stuart Shanker

Teachers & Students

Feel free to download and share the posters with other schools, friends and colleagues.


The Mehrit Centre: self-reg.ca

Suggested Curriculum Support Activities:

After playing the “Take A Breath” song for your students, have them think about the message that Raffi is sending. This song provides an excellent starting point for teaching your students about anxiety.

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