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Children’s DVDs

Raffi in Concert (DVD cover)
Raffi in Concert — 3 Concerts on One DVD!

These award-winning concert videos span two decades; 20 years of Raffi’s singable songs with children and their families. Anyone who has experienced ‘Raffi live’ will know about the warmth and excitement that he creates with his audience. Millions of viewers have loved singing along with Raffi. And they still do. 30 years after he began, Raffi is still making music!

Raffi on Broadway (DVD cover)
Raffi on Broadway

Recorded in 1993 during Raffi’s record-setting run at the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway, this concert is a celebration of all that we love on this big, beautiful planet. This stylish production delighted New York Children and their families with some of Raffi’s most exciting and moving performances.

Raffi in Concert with the Rise and Shine Band (DVD cover)
Raffi in Concert with the Rise and Shine Band

When you can’t actually be there… A rousing, hand-clapping concert featuring Raffi at his warm-hearted best. Backed by four talented and high-spirited musicians, Raffi has laughs, quacks and quiet moments for every member of the family. Recorded at the Markham Theatre in 1988.

A Young Children’s Concert with Raffi (DVD Cover)
A Young Children’s Concert with Raffi

After millions of sales of his best-selling records, this internationally acclaimed children’s entertainer is all yours in concert with an irresistible program—songs for singing, clapping and moving—featuring Raffi’s inviting voice, guitar and kazoo, supported by a delighted audience.

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