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Penny Penguin | New!

  1. The Birdies Sing
  2. You’ll Sing A Song
  3. JIMBO
  4. Penny Penguin
  5. Much More Love
  6. Mama Loves It
  7. Peekaboo Song
  8. Hum Hummingbird
  9. Arabella Miller
  10. Wild Mountain Thyme 
  11. Peace Like A River
  12. By The Bay
  13. My Forest Friend
  14. Doucement S’en Va Le Jou

Penny Penguin the newest studio album from legendary children’s musician and global troubadour, Raffi, in collaboration with the JUNO award-winning folk-pop trio, Good Lovelies. Penny Penguin features 14 tracks that kids and families will love, including “JIMBO,” “The Birdies Sing,” and the title track. 

The story behind Penny Penguin begins in the spring of 2023, when Raffi, attended a house concert by CarolineBrooks, Kerri Ough, and Sue Passmore of Good Lovelies. The celebrated Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer not only became a fan of the Toronto-based trio but soon struck up a friendship with the trio.

Before long, Raffi recalls, “Dreams of singing together soon turned into the music on Penny Penguin. Remote rehearsals went so well that I went from thinking Good Lovelies would sing on a few songs to happily recording their voices on ten of the 14 songs on the album. Songs about hummingbirds, dogs, peace, and much more all sparkle with a fresh sound, a joyful energy.”

That sparkly freshness includes a host of new Raffi classics for his youngest generation of fans. Among them is the cheerful “Penny Penguin,” which offers a tale about a young penguin as she goes about her day in the snow. Other original highlights include “Much More Love,” “Hum Hummingbird,” “The Birdies Sing,” and “Peekaboo Song.” The track list also features a variety of classics—including traditional songs like “Peace Like a River,” “Wild Mountain Thyme,” and a French children’s lullaby, “Doucement s’en va le jour,” as well as the Ella Jenkins-penned “You’ll Sing a Song.”  

The Good Lovelies, meanwhile, add magic to ten tracks with their vibrant vocal harmonies. Having grown up with Raffi’s music, all three women were thrilled to have the opportunity to perform alongside him. The widely acclaimed trio, who recently released their seventh studio album, We Will Never Be the Same (via Outside Music), have long enjoyed an international following for their dynamic blend of folk, country, and pop—as well as their intricate, three-part harmonies. 

Set for release on April 19, Penny Penguin is currently available for pre-order on CD and digital, while listeners of all ages can stream “Penny Penguin” now!

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