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Love Bug | 2014

Love Bug (album cover)
  1. Love Bug
  2. Doggone Woods
  3. Mama Loves It
  4. Free To Play
  5. In The Real World
  6. On Hockey Days
  7. Seeing The Heart
  8. Cool Down Reggae
  9. Magic Wand
  10. Wind Chimes
  11. To The Park
  12. Pete’s Banjo
  13. This Land Is Your Land
  14. Blue White Planet
  15. Bonus song: Turn This World Around

Raffi has long been a passionate advocate for children and a sustainable world for today’s youth. ‘Love Bug’ resounds with Child Honouring principles and affirms Raffi’s place as the legendary children’s artist we all know him to be.

For nearly four decades, children’s troubadour and independent label pioneer Raffi has been the world’s best-selling and most influential children’s entertainer, delighting successive generations of kids—and their parents—with his playful, exuberant personality and his irresistibly infectious songs.

The highly anticipated ‘Love Bug’ marks Raffi’s first new album of original material in over a decade. A collection of 16 songs, this thoughtfully crafted body of work engages children in a broad range of fundamental topics including love, nature, playtime, chores, and teamwork—music to charm the whole family!

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